Html to backendless?

Hey guys, so I made html and css files. Now I want to use codeless backend. Can you explain this to noob person? I sort of understand the concept of event handler, onclick, and easy things. But when I create JS file, what to put into JS file so I can use codeless features in backendless? How do I send https request? Sorry for being a noob.

Hi George,

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Could you please clarify what specifically you’d like to implement in the backend? What would be the best is if you could describe the problem you’re working on rather than going directly to the tools which make up the solution.


Hello Mark,

I created login and registration buttons to my html page, and styled them. Now I want to connect to backendless, so I can register and login the user. I also made user dashboard page for after they login


I don’t know if you’ve created a free trial account yet. If not I suggest you start there. If you step through the Mission lessons, you’ll lean first hand how to create backendless API’s and reference them in the language of your choice. The lessons are incremental and very simple to follow.

You might even find that “making html and css files” by hand is not necessary, as you can use the new Codeless UI Builder to build Registration, Login, and all your other pages much more easily that using your current HTML editor.

Yes, saw uibuilder but want to use my own frontend code. My app is not too complicated. only create, delete, update, login/register. I will read more about httpsrequest.

Hi George,

You can use Backendless as just a backend system and develop your own frontend. We provide client-side libraries which include our APIs for Android, iOS, JS, Flutter, and .NET. There is also a REST API.

Here’s the API guide for JS:

Hope this helps.


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Okay, I will try to use this. Thank you.