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sign up error

I try to sign up but get I the next error:
FAULT = ‘404’ [HttpEngine: INVALID statusCode 404] <HttpEngine: INVALID statusCode 404>
The code below which I use for signing up:
BackendlessUser *user = [BackendlessUser new];
user.password = password;
[user setProperty:@“email” object:email]; = username;
[backendless.userService registering:user response:^(BackendlessUser *user) {
if (successBlock) {
} error:^(Fault *error) {

Hi Ksenya,

Do you work with the Cloud version of Backendless or Backendless Pro (the self-hosted version)?

Did you call the initApp function in your app prior to making an API call?


I’m using Cloud version.

Yeah, I call initApp before I make API call.

What version of the Backendless SDK for iOS do you use?

I instaled it like pod
Backendless 3.0.44

Does the error happen every time you run the code?


What is the version number you used in the initApp call?


Did you change/rename the version number? The default value is “v1”

Current AppStore version is 1.3. Should it be like there?

No, it should be the version of the backend, like it is shown here:</img>


Ok, backend version is correspond to initApp.

Earlier we used Parse, FYI

So you have “v1” in the initApp call and still getting 404 ?


Could you please make sure the initApp call is made prior to user registration? And also send a screenshot of the code where the app initialization takes place to


Ok, no problem.

I’ve understood what was wrong. Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Sounds like a problem is resolved. Do not hesitate to contact us again when you need help.


let VERSION_NUM = “v1”

backendless!.initApp( App_ID, secret: SECRET_KEY, version: VERSION_NUM);

Why am i getting this error !!!

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 6.26.27 AM.png