Https:// seem to be offline

could you please check the status.

Thanks, Joerg

The EU cluster is currently not available, the team is working on it.

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Any news on when it will be up and running again?

We’re still working on it. It will take some time. We will update this topic as soon as we have some news to share.

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Hi, any news on this?

Not yet, it is a very tough one

Still nothing? Not a good sign for a backend type platform to be down for now almost 24 hours without any information even about what is going on, or any estimates about getting back online… :frowning:

Hi guys, I started using Backendless last week for a professionnal purpose, and I am a bit worried about that error. Is it something that happens quite often or I am just unlucky ? :thinking:

My worry exactly, Adrien. I am also new to the platform, which seems really good in a lot of ways, especially for EU market compared to others, but this has me super-worried… Hopefully this is “just” the developer page and not the backend as a whole in EU that is down, but I don’t have any information about what exactly is not operative at the moment.

We are providing updates in our slack channel:


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Hi, I’m a new customer and slack does not recognise my email address. Can you please look into it?

To register with our slack, open the following in your browser:

It doesn’t work!
This site can’t be reached

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there was a typo, here’s the URL: