Users get access to another user's data in spite of restriction

I made changes according article
All worked well. But now each users get access to another user’s data in spite of restriction
Is it Backendless error or i should adjust something else?

please provide your application id



Also i did all restrictions in console but system just ignores them.

please describe behavior that you want to be
and specify table name wich cause the problem

There is table ClientTb which is being filled by users. So now every logged in user gets access to records in ClientTb of another user. Need restrict access to foreign data.

there where small issue. we have fixed it and now everything works fine

also I have noticed that you grant permission for find for all your user. thats why any user will get all data. I have created user with password 123qwe. and if you make GET request for it you will see that you will only records that user have created.

Thanks all works correctly !