I didn't found my application by name "TeluguAudioSongs"

I didn’t find my application “TeluguAudioSongs” in my apps. I didn’t deleted it. I don’t know, whether the application got deleted bun knowingly, or something else has happend. Could you please help me to get my application back. Let me know if you need more details.

App id for the aplication : 2E80FBF4-B508-E825-FFAA-D0C5018A4D00


We’ll restore the app and let you know.



The application has been restored.


Thanks for reloading the application. But I couldn’t able to see the application in the list. could you please add the same in list?

What email address do you login to Backendless console with?


Please reload the application.

That application is registered to a developer with a different email address:


You would need to login with that email address to see the app.