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I downloaded a API for ios of a custom service and I recieve Fault = 14019

Every time I try to run the hosted service API I downloaded I get a

Fault = 14019, service version not found,

I have tried to set the version as many ways as I can think of and I have tried everything else I can think of to remedy this issue but have not succeeded. Can someone please help me out? I am in a bit of a time crunch. Thanks (19.42MB)

Hi Jason,

Have you tried invoking your service via console (on the Business Logic tab)? Does it work as expected there?

yes it works fine there

In this case, as a workaround, you may use REST routes in order to utilize your service:

Unfortunately, we are currently in a lack of resources so the fix for the original issue in the iOS SDK might take more time than you expect.

yes it works fine in the console

How can I call the REST routes from inside the iOS app?

I believe this can be easily googled: