I get the package of my Class when I try to retrieve data from two related tables in a listview

This is my class
public class Category
public Date updated;
public String ownerId;
public Date created;
public String objectId;
public String name_category;
public String id_category;
public List<Quesiton_per_categoria> question_per_category;
The relation Category-Question_per_category is one to many, I want to show all the questions per category shown in listview in android studio,but when I list them, I get the listview with the name of my packages and not with the dataThis is the method I used:
BackendlessDataQuery query = new BackendlessDataQuery();
QueryOptions queryOptions = new QueryOptions();
query.setQueryOptions( queryOptions );
<!–“id_cat” is a value sent from the posterior activity and I want to show all the question who have that category(id_cat)–>
Plese your support. Thanks a lot

This is not a Backendless relevant issue.
You should check your code related to the UI rendering