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I getting 1017 error

Hi.i wanna use whereClause and retrieve data from my table but I getting IS Invalid where clause error, how can I solve it?

   val whereClause = "Identifier == 0x00989217275149100001"
      val queryBuilder: DataQueryBuilder = DataQueryBuilder . create ()
      queryBuilder.whereClause = whereClause
        .find(queryBuilder, object : AsyncCallback<List<Beacons>> {
          override fun handleResponse(items: List<Beacons>) {



          override fun handleFault(fault: BackendlessFault) {
            Timber.i("ERROR  IS ${fault.message}")

I would recommend firstly try to make query with whereClause in the webconsole for particular table.

And secondly – what is this value 0x00989217275149100001 ? What type of that value in your table ?

Hi @saeed_noshadi

Try like this:

val whereClause = "Identifier = '0x00989217275149100001'"

  • where “Identifier” is a name of a column defined in your “Beacons” table.

More about search with where clause:

Regards, Anton