i have more than 5,00000 product how to shift them on backendless


i have a store where i have more than 500000 products for sale , im going to make an app for iOS and android and going to get those products on backendless coz its giving good services. i have tried some solutions like,

i- i have tried a php loops that sends a hit with a single product and it sending hits again and again but after 30 sec it stores 19 records and sends an error 30 sec timout backendless error…

ii- then i make a cronjob in php and in every minute set to run the script once that enters 15 records in table that was working fine but after 9600 record entry it stopped (my guess is they have block my ip thinking im doing spamming or bla bla)

so im here now please guide me on this if you have any solution or anything you can help with to transfer that large data on backenless that would be a great help for me…

waiting for your reply guys

Kind Regards

Hi, Muhammad
Did you try data import in Backendless Console?

thank you for your reply reason is that i dont have the db i have only json result which im getting from live api im going to do search on it now if you have anything helpful please letme know … thanks again

Json file is an accepted format for the method I’ve shown.

YES Anatolii Stepaniuk thank you for your help you shwed me a way … i have managed to write a CSV file and then import it and its fine :slight_smile:

thank you dear i really appritiate it!