I keep getting "old" Loggly events

my application id is DECCC828-2720-F3EA-FFAD-586EEF9BD600
in my javascript BL i’m using logging like this:

    Backendless.Logging.setLogReportingPolicy( 1, 0 );
    Backendless.Logging.getLogger('secW').debug("msg here");

I’ve set correct Loggly token, in my Loggly dashboard I see events from backendless. But there are shown quite a lot of events that occurred in past. I mean, for example, it was one time manually executed event, two months ago, but I keep getting it periodically.
The event log looks like this (dump from export):

      "raw": "2016-06-05 08:11:45,138 DEBUG Backendless-Thread secW.REST - manual test3 ",
      "logtypes": [
      "timestamp": 1471775827701,
      "unparsed": "manual test3",
      "logmsg": "2016-06-05 08:11:45,138 DEBUG Backendless-Thread secW.REST - manual test3 ",
      "id": "357f06ff-678b-11e6-8053-0e2b0be35c37",
      "tags": [
      "event": {
        "java": {
          "timestamp": "2016-06-05 08:11:45,138",
          "method": "REST",
          "class": "secW",
          "thread": "Backendless-Thread",
          "level": "DEBUG"
        "http": {
          "clientHost": ""

also when I inspect event in loggly dashboard it shows these notifications for these events:

[0]: message: java timestamp rejected because it is too far in the past. type: TimestampBelowFloor
[1]: message: Could not parse timestamp field from java field. Using reception time as timestamp. type: InvalidTimestamp

Hi Yuriy,

i have assigned an internal ticket to our dev to investigate this issue. Soon he will contact with you here. You can reference internal ticket by BKNDLSS-13053.


Is there any news about that? Nobody contacted me yet, and everyday I still see in loggly dashboard reports from backendless about events happened long time ago.

The issue is still in work.

Hi Yuriy,

Is it for one concrete event you receive duplicates or is it for every log message?

The problem has been located and fixed. The fix will be available with the next release (probably in a week or so).

Was the fix deployed yet? I’m still getting every day all my old events in Loggly dashboard

Funny thing happened, for a few days now I don’t see ANY logged events, neither in files nor in loggly. Should I write separate topic about it?

Hi Yuriy,

I’ve created an internal task (ID BKNDLSS-13228) to investigate this problem. Thanks for reporting.

Looks like something with permissions. I don’t know why logging stopped working with existing enabled/disabled permissions - it worked before, but now I tried to “loose all” permissions. So I enabled create/update/find/remove in Loggers table for anonymous, authorized, rest users. And also for logging folder in Files. After that files logging returned, but not events in Loggly.

Hi Yuriy,

Our internal server logs show that your logs has been successfully sent to Loggly on 2016-09-27 09:50:39,844. Can you confirm that?

Nope, I searched all events without any filters for whole September - I only got one event on 2016-09-21. This application isn’t on production, only development and testing, but there should be much more events

Important thing I forgot - I can’t say “I searched whole September” cause I’m on loggly’s lite tariff and it have only 7 days retention. So, for the last 7 days I got saved one event and I can’t be sure was or wasn’t there events earlier.

Is it the same application with ID DECCC828-2720-F3EA-FFAD-586EEF9BD600 ?


Hi Yuriy,

I see that log messages for the previous days have been sent to Loggly. Can you now check whether they are available in Loggly console?

For the last 7 days I only see three events in my Loggly, one for 10-02 and two for 09-30. There were much more than 3 events, I thought I should see in Loggly same events as in the backendless log file.

Can you please send a screenshot from Loggly console?


Hi Yuriy,

The issue should be fixed now, can you please check your Loggly console again?