I need help in my app

Hi Backendless staff I have a question
Can you develop for me a codeless logic that stop my app from storing my visitors IP address?
Here i will explain why i need it
I want to stop my app from storing my visitors IP so they can be anonymous when they visit my app as this is an app for advertisement that do not need any info from our users as we advertise only the group named The Bad Explorers

Hello @Joker ,

Thank you for reaching out to Backendless. For assistance with your specific request to implement a codeless logic that prevents the storage of visitors’ IP addresses in your app, please contact our sales team at sales@backendless.com. They will be able to guide you through the process and provide the necessary support to achieve your goal.

If you have any other questions or need further assistance, feel free to let us know.

Best regards,

So i cant just add a custom logic to my app to stop the conservation/tracking of my visitors IP?

Yes, you can and more than welcome to do it yourself. Your original question sounded different though:

And the answer was precisely to the posted question.


Sorry i sayd it wrong it is actually my bad
Can you help me though because it is my first time using backendless

Can you show what you already have? We cannot just create this for you as a part of support - this is what our consulting services do. However, if you show what you have done and point out what doesn’t work, we can assist you with that.

For now i just disabled registration so no new users cant be created
Also i added that all the pages register less data possible by removing any way that users can send data
In my website they can just visit my website and read the text

The part that is not working is that IPs of whoever visit my website is still recorded and thats not ggod

Where are the IPs recorded?

I tought that from your end you could see my visitors IP so i wanted to prevent this from happening

Because what i do is particular
I do advertisement in the clearweb for people that “work” in the darknet

Please clarify the following:

You are saying that:

I don’t understand where they are recorded. Do you see the IP addresses somewhere?

I tought that on your end were recorded

That backendless staff could see the IPs of my visitors

Yes, we do see the IP addresses for a very good reason.

If a user engages in malicious activity and violates our terms of service, we reserve the right to block the app and if needed report to authorities.

Not user like me but the visitor of the app i meant

This applies to anyone who interacts with the Backendless services.

Ah sorry i did not get that immediately

So it is possible to block as users can just see?
There is nothing they can interact with

Make sure to read the Terms of Service. All the reasons when an app can be blocked are described in Section 2.1