I need help with my code

Hi I have a problem
My plan limits my app to a certain mb of data but when i tryed to delete some material it did not help can one of backendless staff access my app’s file browser and help me please

Hi @Luca_Petruzzi2

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Please provide your appId


Hi the appID is:

Your app is on the Free plan which allows only 1Mb of the CloudCode source files, and your app takes ~3MB.
There are 3 deployment models (2 Codeless) and one JS Code

  • Codeless doesn’t take much storage
  • the JS Code model contains many modules from NPM, however I do not see where you use it in your code, therefor try to exclude them and redeploy your code


If i give you access to the backend of my app can you do it because this is my first ti e w8th codeless so I am not capable to use it

unfortunately, debugging/coding in customers’ apps is out of our support policy, however, I can provide you with a way to solve the issue:

  1. if you do not use the JS API Service you can remove the entire service from the UI (API Services screen)
  2. if you use it clean up all unnecessary folders and redeploy the service