I want to show list from same category on page

Here i’m attaching my backend - For front end i’m using AppGyver
i want show list of same category on details pages

how can i achive this

I recommend using the REST CONSOLE tab to structure a request that gets the data you need. Once you get a working REST request, you’d need to configure it in AppGyver.


i did REST can see the data from category (Relation) but not able to configure here i’m attaching the screenshot

Hi, @Seller_Nine

Please have a look at this article on Backendless and AppGyver integration. It provides some examples of requests one of each is run a query in AppGyver against Backendless database.

It looks like you have a type mismatch. Can you please provide the request you made with the Rest Console? The AppGyver support team will be able to give you more details about the functionality of their product.


Here’s the console screenshot - also i read that article i truly need to configure Relation to complete the structure of my app

Not knowing what you need to get back from the server… does the screenshot show the data you need?

Yes, Here’s the screenshot from Data tab of appgyver

We can definitely help with the questions on the backendless side, but for anything in appgyver it would be outside of our realm.

I tried my best but not getting clue - I really need help with this
as you seen in my database i create serate Table for category then all other table is connected to that table - I’ve fully function on WordPress but i want to create this as an app

When you tried it in REST Console, are you getting the result you expect? If not, let’s work on that. As for configuring it in AppGyver, you should contact their support team.


yes i got the result also trying to connect with AppGyver as well

I understand. Ok, at this point the best course of action would be to get help from AppGyver support.


Got one step closer, Now i’m able to show all the category for particular list
But one more step to finish - I want list on the page which belongs to exact same category

Like on Apps page only shows list related to “Apps” category

How come there is no backendless in that screenshot? :wink:

Backendless database screenshot in the first message
i only made changes on appgyver to bring category value on the list now the next step is how to show a list of particular category

It was a joke about backendless not being in your “Solutions page”. Nevermind. Good luck with appgyver, hope their support can help you.

it’ll be added once its ready to go live for sure