I was downgraded from a "30 days trial" Cloud99 to Springboard

why did that downgrade happen? I miss some features in my 30 days trial which are not available in Springboard.

Provide, please the appId of your app.

App-ID A2090C1B-936C-A876-FF32-277A55A60700

According to the logs you moved the plan to Springboard on June, 4 (because you finished our missions).

So, it would have been better not to finish the Missions and stay on the Cloud99 plan. But I do not understand the rationale behind this approach. My understanding from the Missions was to get more experience with important features. I have not set this explicitly to Springboard, it just happened. Any chance to set it back to 30 days Cloud99 trial and losing my mission status?

Please help me understand - from the perspective of learning Backendless, what is it that you cannot do on the Springboard plan that you could on Cloud 99?

Hi Mark, I wanted to export a data table to see the format of the fields, as I get an error while importing a very simple CSV file.

You’re welcome to create another app that will start on its own 30-day trial and check there. Would it work?

Can I copy my app to the new app? And, do I still qualify for the Springboard plan after the 30 days, if I would need some more?

When you reach the Springboard milestone in missions, you can use it for one of your apps.

I switched your app back to Cloud99 and also added a reminder to switch it back to Springboard on June 30th.

thank you for that. I really appreciate it.