Identical OwnerId in Users table


I used API to register user, then i noticed that OwnerID is the same for all records, and it’s always equal to the 1st record’s ObjectID. is it intention?

if my understanding is not wrong, owner policy is decided by ObjectID=OwnerID, thus the 1st user is in fact the owner of table User. so when i do the permission control, i have to take special care of the 1st user. right?

Hello Ivy,

When a new object is created in Backendless, the system automatically links it with the account of the user that made the call to save the object. That means that you’ve made all requests using one user, that’s why you have same ownerId everywhere now.


hmm… i understand the logic behind the scene and it does make sense.

in my case, these two uses are saved via register user API from a public register page. shouldnt they be treated as two different users?

Yes it should, but seems there’s user-token is remembered somewhere (check Local Storage) and SDK takes it from there. Check also request headers - whether user-token is present there.

If you sure that there are any user-token sent with your register request, it would be nice if you provide me with a small sample to reproduce it and I would happy to help you.

cleared out the cache & tried the scenario again. 4 new registered user are of correct OwnerID.

Thanks very much for your help!

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