Identifying a rate limit error in .NET


I’m working on an application using the Backendless .NET SDK, and I’d like to gracefully handle the condition where the requests per minute rate limit has been exceeded. I’m on the Free Plan which has a limit of 50 requests per minute, so I set up a simple test to query with doingBackendless.Data.Of(table).FindAsync(dataQueryBuilder) within a try/catch block, which is called 60 times in a for-loop so I could exceed the limit and inspect the error that would be returned.

As expected, I get a BackendlessException on the 51st request. But the Exception message is “Error code: N/A, Message: One or more errors occurred. (Object reference not set to an instance of an object.)”, and there’s no further detail in the BackendlessFault. Searching the support forum for more information, I found: Rate Limit reached , where they appear to be using the REST API and they are seeing “Maximum request per minute limit has been reached for the app. Please have the owner of the app contact Backendless to increase the rate limit.”.

Using the .NET SDK, is there a way to know that the reason for an Exception is that the rate limit has been exceeded?


Hello, @Nathan_Loring.

Looks like a bug, because was returned not correct error message. As a workaround you can use the debugger until this is fixed.

Regards, Nikita.