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Idle state, slow first response

(Josef Treml) #1

Dear team,

I am running SA server in version 3.0.16 Everything goes well except one thing. Once is server not used for cuple of hours, seems that goes to “sleep mode”. Than, I make a first query from application, it takes more than 15 sec. than I get response ! Another queries are quick as usual. So seems that after some time in “Idle state” BL goes to sleep and then I have to “wake up” with first query :frowning: Do you have advice how to restrict any Idle or Sleeping mode please ?

Many thanks in advance


(Josef Treml) #2

Dear team, I have still issue with this. Currently happend that when server is not long used I am getting this error

failed to open stream: HTTP request failed!

and also some “time outs”. Another request is usually ok. Is there any possibily how to have server still “stand up” ? It shouldn´t be an network issue, becuase my web server is on the same local network, ping is still ok (from local network) I am also able to connect and use BL web interface (from internet), but first request after a few hours “idle state” gives me time outs and no response for iOS, Android and Web application.

Could you help me, what should I do, in order to eliminate this issue ?

Many thanks in advance


(Sergey Kukurudzyak) #3

We do not provide free support for standalone version. Please contact to get more information.