Iframe pdf android

I’m trying to make a pdf display on my android phone. I have my page set up so that when a row is selected from the data table the pdf automatically shows in the iframe. It works fine in my web view, but in the mobile view it just comes up blank.

Hi Mark,

Could you please share the URL of the page where we can see the issue?


So it works fine on my desktop computer, but not my android phone. Being able to display PDFs embedded is really the point of the app. Thanks.

app ID: CA6BA3C1-DABB-6481-FF4D-8CC8B9275D00
andriod key: B0A9DD0F-1217-446B-BF11-507ABA54B6FB
web id: vividexistence.backendless.app

url: https://vividexistence.backendless.app/api/files/ui-builder/containers/default/index.html?page=Listofpdf

This is what I get on my phone (android):

Clicking “Open” downloads the file. I believe this is a function of the pdf viewer built into the browser. Unfortunately, it is completely outside of our control.


I don’t even get open.