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Im not able to add the one more member to team in the app

Hi Guys ,

We are still validating the backendless services for our app,
we are member of two, its really difficult work with only one dev ID,
Backendless is really a good product… we actually want to pay and use the service.
But since we are in initial stages of development, We are thinking of the cost little high for just dev team.
since most of the other services like (AWS, GCP …) are less on these dev team and other things
Please make the limit as at least 5 members…


Hello Vinay,
Backendless already offers you tons of features “for free”.
Sorry, but $10 for unlimited team size is a ridiculously low price. Unfortunately we couldn`t make the limit higher.
Kindly regards, Artur.

Artur, thanks for the reply …
no issues, I will buy that pack… i will be more than happy to spend on a good product …

hope you guys will make it great :slight_smile:

I upgrade mu app to developer but i can’t find where to pay for new member team! would you help please!


Have you invited a new member into your Backendless App in settings?

Regards, Vlad