Image Component - On Load Event (help text) and request for Before Load Event


First - Small thing but you might want to correct the help text on the Image Component On Load Event. The On Load Event is triggered “after” the image is loaded. See below.

Second - It would be good to have a “Before Load” event for the Image Component. It is useful to hide or show elements or block the user from clicking something on screen while an image is loading. Being able to determine status just “Before” and “After” image load events is really helpful.


Hi @Glenn_D

Thanks for sharing with us! We appreciate your feedback. I have created tickets for both of your suggestions. The team will review them. If the second suggestion (BKNDLSS-32222) is implemented, we will let you know, otherwise we will give you the results after discussion.


I second the suggestions by @Glenn_D :grinning:

Hello @Alex_Klein @Glenn_D

We raised the ticket priority.


Hi @Glenn_D,

We’ve just updated cloud servers with the feature you described above. To the Image component added a handler - “onBeforeLoad”, and a context block - “Source URL”.