Image Processor output name contains only the hash value

According to the feature description:

Every method appends a hash-value to a name of the processed image. For example, your original image name may be ai_generated_art.jpg , but the processed image always has an additional suffix: ai_generated_art-1361197836.jpg

But the file names generated by the crop method only have the hash value as name. This makes life a little bit tricky. Is there a chance to get the name as a result from the API Service, then I could rename it on my own?

The documentation is wrong. The files in the cache directory contain only hash. The directory is not meant to be accessed or manipulated directly.

But what if I want to work with the cropped output file?

You can make a copy of it with the API and do anything else you need.

Is there any guideline when to delete the cached images from that folder? Is that anyhow recommended, as this folder should not be manipulated? Because a copy of each file is only redundant storage.

Hi @Jorg_Beyer ,

Currently images from that folder never will be deleted.
You can cleanup that folder whenever you think it is appropriate. But you should keep in mind that in this case service will be forced to regenerate cache entry for the image during the first request and this generation can take some time.

Regards, Andriy