Image processor, reduce image file size

Can i use the image processor to reduce the image file size for every upload to backendless database?
I want every users image that is uploaded from my app to backendless to be compressed to a smaller file size, not image size.
Is this possible with the image processor or do you have other tools for this?


Hello @Magnus_Josefsson

If we talk about enabling this as an option by default - unfortunately no.
But you could attach an Image Processor for every place where needed to process images.

Regards, Dima.

I was thinking like this:

  1. app users upload a image from the app.
  • example: a 1920x1080 6mb image.
  1. Backendless servers compress that image.
  • from say…6mb to 1.5mb but still has the 1920x1080 format.

The app user dont have to anything with the image to reduce the image file size.
Can i set up the Backendless to do this for every image that are uploaded to Backendless from the mobile app?

Is this possible?


Ohh, sorry for this misunderstanding.

At this moment we haven’t out-of-the-box solutions for this. But you could try to use external API services for this.

Also, it’s not the first ask for this possibility, and we already have a ticket for that(BKNDLSS-24340). I have increased the priority of this task and we will notify you when it will be implemented.

Regards, Dima.

Thanks Dima!