Import csv with several columns

I’m trying to import a csv file that contains multiple columns but I’m not succeeding!


The error message says precisely what the problem is:

Do you see the issue?

Thanks Mark for your quick reply :slight_smile:
Yes, I saw the error message, but how do I resolve the issue to get all columns in the same table?
When I delete names of other columns, I only get data that is in one column!

how about instead of deleting the columns, you rename them so they use only alpha-numeric characters?

Thank you for your patience!
I have changed the names of all the columns to alpha-numeric characters, but unfortunately it does not help!
Attached you will find a copy of my csv file.

bt.csv (54.5 KB)

You should use comma (,) as the separator for the fields. Try this file:
bt.csv (54.5 KB)

Thank you so much Mark.
Now the import works as it should :slight_smile: