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Import file

Helllo All,
Hope to be very well,
I’m trying to import .csv file to my database
but this file contains an arabic word , one i import it this arabic word convrting to symbols
any one have slution for this issue please?

Hi @islam-yassin

Can you share your file so we can reproduce your issue?

Best Regards,

this is the image from my project

error data.csv (12.7 KB)

this is the file containing a sample of my data

Thanks for the submission. I will take a look and get back to you as soon as possible.

please check this file also

errorfile.csv (11.9 KB)

Hi @Maksym_Khobotin,
Are There any update regarding this issue?

Hi @islam-yassin

I’ve reproduced your issue and created the internal ticket BKNDLSS-22913. We will notify you once the problem is resolved.

Best Regards,

Hello @islam-yassin

Where do you get this file from? Using export to the console, or do you generate this file yourself?

What format do you save this file in:

  • Arabic DOS / OS2-864
  • Arabic ISO-8859-6
  • Arabic windows-1256
  • Unicode UTF-8

Try save file in Unicode UTF-8.

Hi @Vladimir_Yalovy @Maksym_Khobotin

Thanks a lot the issue has been solved.