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import JSON file but data is strange

(KenChoi) #1

I am using Backendless 4.0, and try to import JSON file from local computer.

However, after I got msg from the server, the data table is strange.

I had 186 objects, but they show only 32 null objects.

Is there any issue of import Json file? Please check

(Sergey Kukurudzyak) #2


please send your JSON file to

(KenChoi) #3

Yeap I sent to

Please check there is an error. Thanks

(Sergey Kukurudzyak) #4

Does this file was created from 3.x or 4.x backendless?

(KenChoi) #5

from 4.x.

(Sergey Kukurudzyak) #6

But backendless creates only csv files, how do you get this file?

(KenChoi) #7

I converted this from csv by Python Pandas.

(Sergey Kukurudzyak) #8

We do not support such scenario. You can export to csv( change it) then import to another application, but only csv file. We support json files only for Parse export files.

(KenChoi) #9

oh bcs console shows me error when I try as csv file. I just followed the document bcs it shows u support JSON or CSV either. And u should fix the documentation here.

(KenChoi) #10

I sent my csv file to

My csv is valid but I dunno why it is not working.

(Sergey Kukurudzyak) #11

There is a number of issues with this file:

  1. It starts from ‘,’ but should be column name, I have added this num(INT) at the beginning
  2. there are duplicate column names ‘address’ and ‘name’, so I have changed it to name2(STRING(36)) and address2(STRING(72))

so the first line should be


(KenChoi) #12

Ok, it works! Thanks for the comment.

(KenChoi) #13

Hmm can u check my data table? Result table seems weird bcs it seems like everything was perfect but it show only partial data such as objectId, created, updated.

However, when I try to add a property in schema such as ‘hits’, they say it is already existing.

(KenChoi) #14

This is my Result class data table from code generation.

import UIKit
class Result: NSObject { 
 var objectId : String? 
 var ownerId : String? 
 var updated : Date? 
 var created : Date? 

(Sergey Chupov) #15

Hi Ken,

Please provide your application ID.

(KenChoi) #16

Now it looks fine.

However, there was quite big gap between the notification by mail and the time which the job has done. If u still need app ID, plz let me know.

(Sergey Chupov) #17

Sometimes the notifications are delayed a bit, though it shouldn’t be more than a few minutes.

(KenChoi) #18

Yeap understood but it was quite weird at the first time haha

(I mean notification was too fast)