Import page from one account to another

Is it possible to import a page from one account to another? If so, how?

Thank you.

Hi, @George_Padvorac

You can transfer all the pages you need from one account to another as follows:

  1. Open the container containing your pages in Files. (The route will be: Files → ui-builder → containers → pages)
  2. Zip the page toy are looking for or the whole container. (Zip archive will be one level higher)
  3. Download it by clicking the “Download File” icon near the archive.
  4. Import the downloaded archive into your desired account. (When importing an archive, use the same path to export it. If it is a container it should be at the same level as the other containers. If it is a page, it should be in a container on the same level as the pages in that container)
  5. Unzip archive by clicking the “Unzip File” icon.
  6. Delete the zip archive after unzipping it.