Important! Logic randomly stopped working and product launch in less than an hour


For some reason, my logic on an “onClick” handler has stopped working.

The published version still works so its something in the UI builder I can’t figure it out.

It’s acting as if any logic I create pre-opening the page isn’t there. however when I add new blocks they work.

I don’t have time to recreate the whole thing

APP ID: B53080A3-5A03-5214-FF71-78E1836E9E00
Container: v3
Page: Checkout

It’s the checkout button at the bottom

It seems to be working again

We didn’t make any changes. I was going to write and say that I see only the “Pay” button (did not see the “Checkout” button as you described.

Glad it is working.

Yeah I don’t think I did either. This is what happened in case you wish to look at it

I basically copied and pasted a tree of blocks from a button to an “onSubmit” handler.

Although the copy and paste worked it seemed as though the blocks were just shells and contained no information.

I said this because when submitted the form, nothing happened. Even “print” blocks were not submitted anything to the console.

If I then added new blocks and pressed submit, the new data from the new blocks would show but the pasted blocks still processed nothing.

I eventually returned to just using the original button and that’s when I realised the same thing was happening until it just started working fine again.

But I never did retry the copy and pasted blocks.