Importing Lat/Long as POINT from CSV

I want to use the distance calculation to determine the distance from a user’s shipping zip code to another location.

In this article - How to Import Geolocation Data Into Backendless Database

There is a reference to a geo import that I don’t have (Cloud 99) on my plan. Has that gone away?

The geolocation data is now stored natively in the database. To import the geo data, you’d use the Data Service “Browse” button.

The geo data in your CSV should be in the WKT format. The format is described here:


Cool. Thanks @mark-piller.

Is it still possible to import from CSV? I found a zip code to lat/long database I want to use. This is what they provide -

US,90001,Los Angeles,Firestone Pk/Los Angeles/Firestone Park,LOS ANGELES,037,California,CA,06,GMT -08:00,Y,33.97371258,-118.248313

Yes, you could use our service which could helps with it - CSV Plugin

In general, logic should be pretty simple:

  • parsing using a plugin
  • saving in database

Thanks, @Dima!

I installed the plugin, it looks like it creates an API. Is there directions on how to use it?