Imposing API Rate Limit

Hello, we are planning to integrate with a partner via an API. I know currently it’s not possible to rate limit a particular API or user account. Posting here to allow for discussion.

Note that I don’t want to limit all our APIs, just for specific API that we allow a partner to use.

Mostly this is about controlling costs. A big issue we have is how to work around the per minute peak rate - while we don’t really have very high traffic, nor do I foresee the partner abusing our API, but we do expect that several times a day the partner’s backend will ping ours in rapid succession - meaning it’ll increase our peak rate. And even though it’s for a very small period, we then have to pay for that price for the whole day.

That’s really the reason I am asking about rate limiting - it’s really to work around the pricing structure.

Hello @Bob_Leung

I’ve created an internal ticket for discussion. We will let you know when there is some result.