Impossible to connect the blocks

Task: Add Object With API

Hi everyone!
I am stuck at the step 5 of this tutorial simply because the blocks won’t connect to each other.
It is not explained how to do it but I assume connecting two blocks is as simple as dragging one of them onto the other. Sadly, nothing happens on my side, they overlap but won’t connect.
Am I missing something?
Thank you for your time,

Hi @leobo

Welcome to the community and thanks for trying Backendless!
Could you please share a screenshot with the blocks you are trying to connect

The ones that are presented in the tutorial.

Are you trying to connect the “Save Object…” inside the “On Click Event” block?

Pretty much. I am trying to achieve this:


Could you please record a loom video ( showing what you are doing and share the link with us?

Hmm… I tried with another block and it worked (with the small yellow border that appears on the tooth as a feedback for connecting) so I went back to try with the first block and now it connects as expected. I have no idea what went wrong at first but I am guessing that this is related to my config somehow (browser or distro, idk). I’ll let you know if it happens again.