Inactive/Deleted Business Logic Timer Still Executing


I had built a working business logic timer to run some logic and delete records from one of my database tables. I no longer needed it, so I toggled it off via the Timers console. The script continued to run and delete records from the table even when toggle was showing inactive. I then deleted the timer entirely yesterday, but records still continue to get deleted. Checking the logs does not show the deleted timer having been run, so it seems like it is cached or something in my system. Can you please advise of a possible solution? App id = 876B8C32-01E1-6474-FFA9-06AFA3F13500

Thanks so much!

Hello, @Sean_Butler.

We’ve cheked your app, so far you only have 2 timers. Both are visible in the console. You don’t have a “hidden” timer. If the problem still persists. Please describe the steps to help us reproduce this issue.

Regards, Nikita.