Inconsistent requests speed


We observed today that sometimes the requests are executing very slowly. It worked OK until now, but for several hours our requests are executing very inconsistently in regards of their speed.

For testing we tried to load a collection of 100 items. Sometimes the request is executing in 2-3 seconds which is good, but sometimes it is executing in 1 minute or more. We experienced that slowness very frequently today.

I would like to ask if this is happening due to some maintenance work (or upgrade) are you making on your side, or these slowdowns are expected with the Backendless Cloud (non-managed) package?

What is bothering us is that these slowdowns are happening very inconsistently and in the other cases everything is working OK.

Thank you very much and best regards,

I have retested this and also some of my users retested it here in Romania and Hungary and it seems that the loading speeds are pretty constant now. So you can mark this issue as SOLVED.

We noticed that inconsistency in the requests speed for about 2 days last weekend and it ended with those “Not existing user token” errors that appeared for each user. These made me feel that something is broken and also my users started to complain :slight_smile: But now everything is working really really well, however I expect some slowness due to the fact that I am using the Backendless Cloud tier of your services and also probably living in Europe doesn’t help, as well.

To increase the speed of the requests, especially when I will have more users, I would like to make some plans to move to the Managed Backendless tier someday in the future. I don’t want to make this immediately, but I would like to ask you that from where I could find more info about the migration process and the approximate pricing of the Managed Backendless service?

Anyway, I REALLY like the richness of the features you offer and everything seems stable now, so the problem from this ticket is no longer an issue for me, so it can be marked as SOLVED :slight_smile:

Hi Istvan,

We really had some response speed problems lately, but we’ve managed to resolve this problem for now and are still working on preventing this to happen in the future. But indeed, we won’t be able to provide any guarantees on Backendless Online since it depends on many factors.

With Managed Backendless your application will be the only one running on the server, so that we could better guarantee the stability. Please contact to ask for any information regarding the pricing, migration process and anything you also want to know about the Managed plan.

Thank you very much Sergey for your quick response!

I will contact then.
Thanks again,