Incorrect Documentation/Implementation on afterRemove method.

I’m currently implementing an afterRemove method for a data table in my server code. According to the names of the parameters for the method I should receive an objectId of what was removed. When I assume that I’m getting an objectId and cast it to a string I actually receive the object that was removed as a class. As a quick demonstration I have the following code.

The output for that code is: “com.pharmastock.models.Medication”

Should I continue to use this code the way I am by casting that objectId parameter to what it is or will this be changed to just an objectId?

Hi Benjamin,

You’re right, it is the whole object coming to the handler, not its ID. So casting that object to your domain one is the proper way to go.

Thank you for noticing it! We shall change the name of the parameter in the nearest release.