Indexing in Backendless Table


Backendless support indexing on a particular column for faster data access?.

Do we have an option to provide indexing the particular column to make data access seamless, actually our table will have nearly 50,000 to 1,00,000 lack record, does it make my application slowdown while accessing?.

Do the Backendless support internal mechanism to make my data access faster?.

Kindly help me,



Please support me by providing answer to my query, please as this is pretty important for us.

Kindly support by answering

Hello Ramesh,
Did you try to put “indexed” constraing on column?

Yes, i have added indexed for few columns, not for all.

Congratulations, your colums are now indexed.

hi Arthur, how do I set the “indexed” constraint? I cant find it as part of the schema for my tables. Thanks.

Indexed constraint is for column, not for table. Go to “Table Schema and Permissions” for the table and choose a constraint for the column.</img>

Thanks Sergey, got it. Second issue: if I try with a “datetime” filed I get an error related to the values range. Any ideas? Thx

Hello, Arthur, yes i have added indexing. Its pretty simple to add. Are you facing any problem in adding the same?.

However i need to experiance it in realtime about the exact usage

hi there,

I keep getting “invalid value range” while trying to index a datetime column. Any idea why that would happen? Thank you for your help.

I have created internal issue ticket BKNDLSS-12947