Input Field CSS formatting Issues

Hi I went to the W3Schools site to get the following CSS code.

Then created a new CSS class called “search_input”.


But for some reason instead of the input background color being white as I specified it the color comes out a drab green. I modified the padding sizes earlier and that worked but color changes do not.

I also tried to look inside the SDK Styles guide for something related to “Input” but when I did a search it came back with 343 results which made it pretty hard to know what I was looking for.

My app id is 721AC780-A565-8D74-FF75-5158A2EB5500 and the name of the page is “pg_category_search”

Thanks for your help!!

Hello @William_Lee

Your input and “search” button is in block

This block has opacity 39%. Look on this without opacity.

Regard, Viktor