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I am starting out and I have trouble finding tutorials on how to do things in the UI builder.
I have a Table called “HundePensioner”. When the page loads it is loaded into a dynamic list called “HundeList” and the relevant columns are displayed in the frontend.

I now need to learn something about filtering so only relevant data is shown but I don’t know where to find a description or a youtube video about it. -I have looked at the “missions tree” but it looks like it is mainly about the backend and not so much about the frontend/UI builder.

I have an input field called “Search”. I think this should search in several columns so the user can search Name, city etc. in the same field.

I have tried this code in the input field but it is not working.

Hello @Helmar_Trager

Welcome to our community and thank you for trying out Backendless!

Can you please describe in more detail, or attach a screenshot of how this is visualized. Do you want one search field or separate fields for each parameter? What value should be returned after the search?
Have you tried to get the required data using Rest-console?

Also, if you are using a table, you can try creating a new page from the “Data Table Example” template. The logic for searching, sorting, etc. is implemented there.


Thanks for helping me.
You can see a simple ui here:

I made a prototype a long time ago in Python Flask but the project died when it came to making a good design and because I am not a programmer…

The idea is a way to search for a dog hotel (a place to keep your dog when the people goes on holiday or something where they cant bring it)

In the input field the user can input a city or a zipcode (or perhaps a name). The list then returns results in a range. Example: If I search a zipcode 6500 it returns zipcodes in the range 6500+/-100. If I write a City like “Esbjerg” the results returned is the zipcode of that city +/-100.

My original search was a bit more advanced than this but I would like to get this to work before anything else. I tried this in Bubble and never got it to work the way I wanted.


As an example, we created a page and implemented the search logic for the Person table, which has name and age columns. The logic is set up so that the entered value will be searched in all columns and if at least 1 match is found, the record will return and will be displayed.


Thank you @Inna_Shkolnaya
I think I need to understand the code better before I implement it.
Let us take a different simpler scenario.

I have added a button so the search only trickers when clicked.
Also to make it simpler the user can only enter zipcode number.
When button is clicked the result should then be entered zipcode +/-100.

Can you help showing me this?

Hello @Helmar_Trager

I have created a simplified model
Test App

UI Builder - testApp - Backendless 2021-10-25 17-09-13

Data model


Yes I remembered doing that :slight_smile:
Your help started gave me the push to understand things a bit better and start play around with the code.