Input´s on change event

Hello to all

I have an INPUT element inside a FORM, and I added an “On change event” codeless to verify if the value changed is already in a list.

The event works when the user changes the value with the keyboard but when I use the block “Set data model” to change all the values in the FORM, the “On Change Event” it is not triggered

Is this how it should works? or maybe a bug?

Hi Giovanny,

The On Change Event is triggered only when the user modifies the value of the input. When the input is modified through data binding, it is my understanding the event does not occur. @vladimir-upirov , @Dima, am I correct?


Yes, that’s correct.
The “On Change Event” occurs when the user interacts with the Input component.

@giovanny_padilla in order to change the value in the Codeless you need to set the value in the DataModel.

Thank you both, it is clear now.