Install Models

How to install the models in nodejs ?
I want to install a “request” models.
Where do i put the command ‘npm install request’ ?(Business Logic/CODING/JS).

Hi, Aboozar Khorrami.

Firstly I would recommend you to use already existed functionality like Backendless.Request

But if you want some additional module, below the steps you should go through:

  1. Create and download project for handlers/services locally on your machine.
  2. “npm i” - to download all requirements
  3. npm i <module_name> --save
  4. see package.json – section “dependencies” (you should see installed module)
  5. when you make “npm run deploy” all installed and saved modules will be loaded to our server.

!! Please, take into consideration, that every module makes project heavier. And you can encounter with limit for code size.

Thanks, my problem has been resolved.
Please explain about "Backendless.Request… "

Hi Aboozar,

Unfortunately, we don’t have any documentation for this package, because it was initially developed for our internal purposes. But you can inspect the sources at, and find the package on npm:
Hope it helps!