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Install on Windows 2012 Server R2

I installed Backendless 3.0.0.-18 on Windows 2012 Server R2 without any problems as seen in other installations on Win 7 - Win 10. I didn’t have a Antivirus program installed.

What I did notice that the Firewall dialog didn’t appear during the installation. I went into the Windows Firewall and added a Firewall rule for port 80 and 443. At this point I was successful in logging into the standalone server from another computer.

I performed a reboot and the playserver service did not start. I deleted the file C:\Bitnami\backendless-3.0.0-18\apps\backendless\htdocs\RUNNING_PID and restarted the playserver. The playserver service continued to execute and I was able to login to the backendless standalone server.

be_logs.7z.txt (9.3kB)

Thanks for the feedback, Roy. Developers need to be on the lookout for the RUNNING_PID file when the system is rebooted.