Installing backendless pro

Hello there.

Can I help on how to install backendless pro. I don’t seem to see anything related to that.


You can find the instructions here:


Will check this out Thanx.

Can it be ran on a different server?
I mean can I run backendless pro in a different server.

Different than what?

I think am getting things wrong here.

Could you please explain what backendless pro really is and how it works.

I believe this page provides the answer you are looking for:

Alrit. It’s says on the documentation that it can be installed any where i.e cloud, private data center and the likes.

Where am being lost is let take an instance I have installed backendless pro on my desktop, where is what ever I send going to? I.e objects, files etc

If you installed it on your desktop, then everything will be sent to your desktop and stored there too.

Oh OK. The same also applies to when installed on a private cloud server right?