Installing with Cocoapods

Hi everyone,

I’m a new guy in Backendless world, trying to learn Backendless…Well my question is while trying to install sdk through cocoapods I got stucked, it shows only

Downloading dependencies

Installing Backendless-ios-SDK (3.0.10) "

And that’s all.

Thank you.

Hi Edis,

I just created my project with Cocoapods ‘Backendless-ios-SDK’.
My Podfile is:

pod 'Backendless-ios-SDK'

Here is a log in terminal:</img>

If you can see something like this with your project, then all right - and you can work with Backendless SDK.



Well this is my podfile :

target “Targer_project” do
platform :ios, ‘8.0’
pod ‘Backendless-ios-SDK’, ‘~>3.0.0’

somehow it’s not working.

Please can you share a podfile with me.
Thank you.

here what I got from logs :

-> Installing Backendless-ios-SDK (3.0.10)

Git download
Git download
$ /usr/bin/git clone
–template= --single-branch --depth 1 --branch 3.0.10
Cloning into ‘/var/folders/ys/7gytyvcs6md8xhw2rs_j7fnm0000gn/T/d20160323-1502-1hhiph6’…

the process is paused somehow.

I found the issue, my project is created on USB drive, once I created in SDD it works.So I guess that was a issue.
Thank you in advance