Integration to MS Teams

Hi, is there an existing integration that could allow me to trigger a message that is either sent to a specific user in the client company’s MS Teams, or sent to a channel in their MS Teams?


HI @James_Hereford

We do not have any specific integration with MS Teams,
however, if you need to send an HTTP request to a specific endpoint you can do it using HTTP(s) codeless block, or it could be a custom API service which you can use in your UI Builder app.

Could you please provide more details to provide you with a more accurate approach?


Thanks Vlad! I am just brainstorming implementation strategies for one of my clients requests. I don’t have a ton of details now.

The main gist of the situation though is that we need to get a message to employees in the field. We can’t use SMS or the fleet management tool because neither are HIPAA compliant. We could use email but the managers have a concern that the employees won’t see the messages in time. Evidently the employees are used to checking for messages in Teams, so that is less of a hurdle. I just wasn’t sure what might be possible with Backendless.

Here’s another thought / question. If we implement chat in our app, is it possible to send a push notification to someone’s phone from a progressive web app or would we need to make a native implementation?


I see,

well, we have already implemented PWA (progressive web app) and it’s in the testing stage right now, once it’s released I guess it will be possible to send push notifications in a web browser. Also, there is already a way to wrap your app into a native app and publish it into AppStore/PlayMarket

Thanks. TBH, I would prefer not to go native. That’s what led to the questions actually. Thanks for the information about Teams and about PWA.

Just curious, can you remind me of the timeline for that release and for when the automation features discussed in the April webinar will be available?

Hi @James_Hereford ,

We do not have a strict timeline for the automation features. We expect them to be released this summer.

Regards, Andriy