Integromat integration add data with relation field

Hello, I have setup a Integromat connection to add data to the backendless database i have 1 table “Orders” and 1 table “Users”. I want to use Integromat to add a record to the table “Orders” with a relation to “Users” (i already created a relation fiel in order).
I do have the ownerId of the users but when i fill in the ownerId integromat gives me a error:

Validation failed for 1 parameter(s).

Unknown type 'relation' of parameter 'User'.

Hope someone can help.

Hello, @Mohamed_Swaghi.
We are currently investigating this issue. I will let you know when there are some results.

Best Regards, Nikita.

I researched the problem. You can’t do what you want in one request. It’s always 2 api requests:

  1. object creation;
  2. adding a relation;
    At the moment, there is no direct support for adding relays in the Backendless Integromat application, but we will definitely add this in the future.

There is a way to solve this issue. Because The Integromat does not have all the functionality provided by Backendless, we have created a universal “scenario” in which you yourself specify the URL, Request Body, Headers, etc. This allows you to make almost any request, but you need to describe it yourself. Here is an example of how to add a relation:

  1. create a new object:

  2. add relation with custom api call:

At body section you need to add childObjectId(s), in my case this is “1”.


I hope I answered your question.
Best Regards, Nikita.

Hi, Thank you for your help.
Is it possible to do this with zapier without the workaround.
thank you

Hello, @Mohamed_Swaghi.
There is currently no way to implement this in Zapier.
The only option is to use the option suggested above.

Best Regards, Nikita.