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Intermittent 5009: Error during subscribing

I have successfully subscribed to the “stripe” messaging channel. I am following the docs ( to subscribe to messages. I complete a Stripe checkout and land on my “success” page and expect to be able to poll the channel for Stripe’s payload.

The issue I am having is that I am getting the data I expect—only sometimes. Sometimes I get the messages without a hitch. Sometimes I get:

I have tried adding a 1–3 second delay before I retrieve the channel messages but it makes no difference. I am not doing any filtering or querying, just currently trying to receive all the available messages.

How can I get this messaging data consistently?

Have you considered using the real-time messaging which is available in our SDKs? This will get the messages delivered to you much quicker and reduce the chattiness of the app.


I have not had success getting it running:

ERROR in /Users/speasley/node_modules/b
305:18 ‘mapTableToClass’, which lacks return-type annotation, implicitly has an ‘any’ return type.
303 | function callStoredProcedureSync(spName: string, argumentValues: Object | string): Object;
304 |
305 | function mapTableToClass(tableName: string, clientClass: Function);
| ^
306 | }

@vladimir-upirov, any ideas what this might be?

Hello @Stephen_Peasley

I’ve fixed the TS error, it should not occur anymore.
Upgrade the JS-SDK to version 5.8.10.

Regards, Vlad

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