Intermittent error 5050 on user registration


I’m experiencing intermittent errors when registering users with email. Success rate is approximately 25%. The error I get is:

Unable to complete operation. Backend application is not properly configured. Contact the application developer and report a problem with Email Configuration

The email for the backend application is configured and checking it with the TEST button on the Manage tab gives 100% success rate. APP ID is BDCD56B9-351A-E067-FFA4-9EA9CF2F4000.
Do you need any other info to check what is going on?


Hi Milen,

Can I make a brief test on your app? I’ll make a small load by registering users via email. Do you mind?

Regards Anton

No problem at all.

Ok, was able to reproduce it, but for some reason - ONLY on your environment.
Could you please repeat same test with the following changes:

  1. change port in email settings to 465 + security SSL
  2. leave configuration as such, but change email address and set corresponding password

Please let us know the result of both tests.

Best Regards

I wasn’t able to successfully save neither of the experimental settings:

    Less secure apps are enabled on both emails (Less secure apps & your Google Account - Google Account Help)
    When I reverted to my original settings ( with TLS at 587) I was able to successfully save them.

Try setting data from scratch, when you initially entered and saved your password - it was converted to base64, you may see it by clicking ‘Show password’. For this reason password is not accepted by SMTP, as it’s being sent incorrectly. Please try again. Regarding second case - double check the correctness of the password and email.

Best Regards

Oh, I did not know about the password.
Case 1: worked when I reentered it. Success rate seems to not be affected by SSL/TLS switching. Made an A/B test and approximately 50% of the requests failed.
Case 2: even with reentering password I could not manage to successfully connect with my other two Gmail accounts. However, I managed to setup my work Outlook email and success rate there was 100%. So, in the end it looks like Gmail in the root of the problem. I will look into creating another email to use with the app. Thanks for the help! Ticket can be closed.