Internal error => data object relationship (Swift)


I received an internal error, see screenshot while managing my new schema.

APP ID : 946F3505-A92A-0C11-FF17-6A6306308A00

Cause :

  1. Created a new schema
  2. Added column ABC (data object relationship to B table)
  3. Saved
  4. Delete the column ABC
  5. Can’t access to my B table objects (from the console and from the app)

Its not gonna be funny when the app will be in production…

Capture d’écran 2016-03-01 à 22.29.56.png

Hi Olivier,

We’re looking into it.

Just to confirm: was the schema created through the code (as a result of saving an object) or did you do it in console?


Hi Oliver,

Please try again, this should be fixed now.


Thank you, its fixed!