Internal Server Error for id..... using REST console

Using REST Console:


response: Invalid Where Clause

  1. (no capitals in fieldname, this apparently also works for other fields)

“pop-up” responses either:

  • Server temporarily unavailable
  • Internal server error with id 14177A84-26B5-C1ED-FF24-1BD8B8BB7A00 (or some other id)

It’s only with that specific field, other fields work just fine. Also no difference when adding quotes.

What is the data type of the userStatus field? Is it INT ?

Also, is it “userstatus” or “userStatus”? Your (1) and (2) show different capitalization of the column name.

  • STRING. But as mentioned before, it doesn’t matter if I use quotes and I read another post you wrote that you do conversions internally.
  • it’s userStatus, yes I used different capitalization, but it seems the console doesn’t care. I can e.g. do WHERE UsErNamE=’…’ works just fine…

again, the userStatus-field is the only field that’s acting weird.

What is your application ID?