Internal server error with id 79C236C9-AC90-02F6-FF91-E2429675D600

I’m getting the following error (Internal server error with id 79C236C9-AC90-02F6-FF91-E2429675D600) when I try to access the (ROOT/servercode/JAVA/v1) folder.
also the business logic services are not responding, I’m getting a timeout.
this issue appeared when I unzipped the classes folder by mistake , and then tried to delete it several times, but I was not able to delete it, until I deleted the business logic services from service event handlers, the folder was deleted.

application Id is (8690BF8B-D3A1-34D1-FF59-0A2D20492900).


What directory did you unzip the files to?

The internal error you were getting tells us that the directory (ROOT/servercode/JAVA/v1) does not exist on the server.


the zip file is classes unziped to JAVA/v1, and i dont know why the server is throwing this error, the behavior is inconsistent, sometimes i get the error and sometimes I’m able to browse the folders normaly, also do I need to unzip the classes file to deploy the services to production (after using the command ./ Cause i already deployed my custom business logic but its not working, while in dubg mode is working perfectly! and the documentation is not clear how to trace your deployment and how to verify it.

You do not need to unzip anything in production deployments. Make sure to follow the instructions for deployment from the documentation: