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Correct, only one cert per version of an app.

You can see it as a big step coming from a free product with free support. Or you can choose to get there by purchasing a support plan which would ensure your support inquiries are the top of the list.

We’re well aware of the problems we experience and we’re working on it and we have already demonstrated great progress and commitment to making the service better. I think it is not reasonable to expect 100% of uptime, guaranteed SLA, instant support for free. There is no precedent for that. We have shown our commitment, but have you? We’re happy to see you building with backendless, but in the end it is a business and without generating revenue, it loses sense as a business.

Thanks for the support Mark and for the great job you’ve done so far. However, one thing needs to be mentioned. And that is: if you make a service, put it publicly and invite people to use the service (like the great banner - migrate from Parse), you will need to ensure some basic functionalities. And the most important is to be sure that the backend supports the app most of the time. We all know what a business means and the problem is here - that we trusted Backendless to give us what is stated. No matter if it’s 1 API call / second, 10 or 100, but provide the basic things. Emphasizing FREE, Parse had a free plan that does what it says it does, Firebase has a limit of 100 connection that does what it says it does, and so on.

And in my huble opinion, the tests and improvements that needs to be done to speed up / upgrade the server, needs to be done on a test version, not on the official version that a lot of people now is using and experience all sort of weird errors when they don’t expect.

Hi Mark,

thanks for, as usual, your quick reply. You and your team’s dedication is also what’s keeping us here. You ask if we’ve shown commitment, and I think our initial commitment of many extra man-hours spent on bughunting, delays and our own dissatisfied client, shows that we’re still committed to Backendless. It may not make a big impact on your bottom line, but we’ve also purchased options from the market place. I’m not expecting 100% uptime or guaranteed SLA at this level, but, like Cristian said, you are marketing yourself as a replacement for Parse, and in my mind, that doesn’t mean that I have to ask my client to spend thousands of dollars on BaaS from the very beginning of the project. Our goal is completely aligned with yours: We want a functional app that can demonstrate its potential, so much so, that we can’t live without your dedicated services, and we not only have to, but want to, upgrade.

That said, I think there’s been a tremendous improvement of things in the last few days, and I have complete confidence in Backendless as the future backend for this and many other apps.