Internal server error with id ...

Hi there,

I’m having an internal server issue with an ID. (app id: AB95AE8E-E48B-CD13-FFF1-9AA1E4C5E300)

I’d like to know what causes this issue so I don’t repeat the mistake


Hi Phrost!

Could you provide received id from internal server message?

For example: 5D9B354F-F8C6-DF14-FFC8-B0FD18BC0200

However, there seems to be a few more than this, mostly or all on the User Table. It would be fine if all objects on every table got wiped clean as its only test data. However, I’m more interested in what the cause of the issue would be so I don’t repeat it next time.


Could you please also provide some example requests, on which you receive these errors?
Do they involve schema edition?
Or maybe some of your string columns are pretty long?

We need more information (preconditions, steps…) to reproduce this error and to start investigation of this issue.

@Sergey Chupov: Confirmed, It was an issue to do with string length (at least in my case).

Cheers guys :slight_smile: